What We Do


The Orangutan Land Trust objective is to provide sustainable solutions for the long-term survival of the orangutan in the wild by ensuring safe areas of forest for their continued existence.

What the Trust Supports*:

  • Protecting existing orangutan habitat, especially that which contains significant populations of orangutans
  • Finding, surveying and securing permanent release sites for both wild and rehabilitated orangutan
  • Finding, surveying and securing river islands for the penultimate step in the rehabilitation process of orangutans, and as permanent sanctuary for rescued and rehabilitated orangutans not suitable for total release into the wild, such as those with chronic disease or disabilities
  • Finding, surveying and securing new forest sites for the use of orangutans undergoing the rehabilitation process.
  • Providing infrastructure for above sites, such as security posts, feeding platforms, fencing, etc
  • Taking measures to protect these sites indefinitely
  • Forest rangers/anti-logging operations/fire-fighting efforts in orangutan habitat
  • Creating wildlife corridors
  • Reforestation and regeneration activities
  • Supporting alternative livelihoods and sustainable harvesting of forests (timber and non-timber forest products) in exchange for their protection in cooperation with local communities
  • Exploring options for REDD/ Carbon Funding programmes in order to protect orangutan habitat
  • Working with industries that pose a risk to orangutan habitat, such as the palm oil industry, to minimise impact in these areas
  • Education, outreach and empowerment in communities living in orangutan habitat areas to protect these areas
  • Lobbying local and national authorities to protect orangutan habitat

(*Wherever orangutans may live in the wild)

How this will be achieved?

Our organisation has been established to receive funds from many streams and via a variety of mechanisms. The funds raised are used to support organisations on the ground that work towards all aspects of conserving the orangutan and their habitats. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing our own projects in cooperation with other NGOs such as those with local social development expertise.

The Scientific Advisory Board as well as the Board of Trustees of OLT, along with advice from other organizations, are very integral and respected by this Trust in providing guidance for the best use of funds and providing robust evidence of achievements.