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Orangutan Mother and Child Rescued from Massacre in Oil Palm Plantation and Released into an Ecosystem Restoration Area, Kehje Sewen Forest, East Kalimantan

Two orangutans (mother and child) were rescued on January 22, 2012 and released on January 25, 2012 in Kehje Sewen Forest, in the Regency of East Kutai, East Kalimantan. Kehje Sewen is a forest ecosystem restoration concession (HPH-RE). The right to manage this area has been awarded to PT RHOI.

Saving Forests with Carrots as well as Sticks – Part 2

August 20, 2010 by Tensie Whelan, President of Rainforest Alliance Part 1 of this blog overviewed the recent rise of robust interdiction of illegal logging, including stronger laws recently passed in the US and the EU, and an emerging trend towards stronger enforcement. These recent developments are significant signs we’re getting serious about protecting forests, […]

Saving Forests with Carrots as well as Sticks – Part 1

Author: Tensie Whelan, President of Rainforest Alliance August 19, 2010 Forests cover about a third of Earth’s land area and contain about 70% of the carbon found in living things. They are one of the keys to climate change, especially tropical forests, which also harbor 95% of the planet’s terrestrial biodiversity and 40% of terrestrial […]

Indonesian govt says no to converting peatland into plantations

Govt says no to converting peatland into plantations Adianto P. Simamora, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Mon, 08/23/2010 9:45 AM | Headlines Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan has turned down a request by the Central Kalimantan provincial administration to develop 127,000 hectares of peatland production forest for oil palm and mining sites. The request was made […]

Orangutans in rehabilitation to get new homes in Kalimantan

Orangutans in rehabilitation to get new homes in Kalimantan The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Tue, 08/24/2010 9:19 AM | National With a permit already in hand, PT Orangutan Habitat Restoration Indonesia (ROI) is preparing to release orangutans into Borneo jungles after years of being held in rehabilitation centers.The Forestry Ministry awarded a ROI license to […]

Orangutan: Status Symbol Of The Wealthy In Indonesia

Aug 23, 2010 Sally Kneidel, Ph.D Pet trade threatens orangutan survival “Having a pet orangutan is a status symbol,” I was told by my Indonesian friend Ria, who lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. Doesn’t matter if the animal lives in a small, dirty cage behind the house, which most do; it’s still a […]

Malaysian planters urged to take cue from Sinar Mas case

Malaysian planters urged to take cue from Sinar Mas case By Amy Chew starbiz@thestar.com.my Tuesday August 24, 2010 JAKARTA: Malaysian palm oil producers should heed the case of Sinar Mas Group where claims of forest destruction committed by its palm oil unit, PT Smart, led international consumer companies, including Unilever, to stop buying palm oil […]

Norway fund divests firms for ‘grossly unethical’ actions

"Samling Global, a wood and palm oil company, engaged in illegal logging and other offenses."

Indonesia project boosts global forest CO2 market

24 Aug 2010 11:50:58 GMT Source: Reuters * Likely to be first fully validated REDD project under VCS * Approval of methodology boost for REDD projects By David Fogarty and Sunanda Creagh SINGAPORE/JAKARTA, Aug 24 (Reuters) – An Indonesian project aimed at saving a vast tract of rainforest has past a milestone seen as a […]

Free At Last: First rehabilitated orangutans in 9 years to be released into the wilds of Borneo

Indonesia Forestry Ministry issues decree allowing orangutan release in restored timber concession forest Bogor, Indonesia, 20 Aug 2010: The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) announced today that it would, for the first time in 9 years, release  rehabilitated captive orangutans  back into the wild.  The long-awaited release was finally facilitated by the issuance of a […]