Central Kalimantan Ecosystem Restoration Projects

Location: Central Kalimantan

Central Kalimantan represents both great needs and opportunities for ecosystem restoration. Many forests, including carbon-rich peatland forest, are under great threat due to drivers of deforestation such as illegal logging, oil-palm development, mining and fires. Home to thousands of wild orangutans, these forests are amongst the most at risk in all of Indonesia, and protecting them means preventing the extinction of the orangutan in the wild.

With your help, Orangutan Land Trust can support large scale projects in Central Kalimantan such as the Mawas Project and the Murung Raya orangutan release areas as managed by BOS Foundation. Concentrating on areas with known significant populations of orangutans, investments into these areas means an investment into the future of a species. Orangutan Land Trust intends to support the BOS Foundation’s efforts to release orangutans into safe areas of forest, where they can create new and viable populations. Visit our website often, because as more details become available about these projects in development and how you may be able to support them specifically, we will post those details here.