Orangutan Releases 2012

Location: East Kalimantan

After years of planning and negotiating, delays from countless obstacles, and dedicated efforts to rescue and rehabilitate hundreds of orangutans, 2012 will finally be the year that BOS Nyaru Menteng Project can begin to re-introduce its orangutans to the wild! BOS Samboja Lestari will also be reintroducing rehabilitated orangutans to safe forests in East Kalimantan for the first time in over 7 years. The required land has been secured, but the costs associated with translocating orangutans, monitoring them, and managing their new forest home are tremendous. Orangutan Land Trust is one of many organisations working to help fund these efforts and this is one of the greatest priorities in 2012.

Lone Droscher Nielsen, founder of BOS Nyaru Menteng and President of Orangutan Land Trust, says, “For me, this is everything we have worked for–to return these orangutans to the wild, where they belong.”

We need all the help we can get to make this goal a reality for as many orangutans as possible.